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Written Affection

When I wrote my first book, I talked about how it was just to capture a journey (or so I thought). With this second book, I am writing it for me, but also for the reader. I realized how much I could affect people with the written word. It has been the most validating experience of my life because by people reading my poems, they see me, and many times I know they have felt seen. To me, this is beautiful! We all run around in our bodies of different shapes and sizes, but this is something that happens at the soul level. There is no judgement, only acceptance. Many times, I have read a poem or stood next to someone and watched them cry, laugh or nod because we had a moment when we got each other.

We talk a lot about energy – positive energy, vibes, toxic energy, etc. When this beautiful exchange happens, even if the topic is sad, it’s all good, positive energy. These are the moments I look forward to now that the new book has been released.

My editor wrote to me to say, “…every single work in the collection is going to be cherished by people who will never meet you.” I truly hope I get a chance to meet everyone that reads my poems because you mean the world to me, dear readers. But I am content knowing there is something deeper that happens by just writing and releasing the poems into the universe and I am content knowing this.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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