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The Windy City

My poetry is often pastoral and takes the reader to places and emotions that I’ve felt in my life. I have not traveled a lot in the past couple of years, but this year I’m stepping out because cities, and most importantly, the people I meet inspire me.

When I was younger, I made a friend that I still have to this day. She lived in my neighborhood and moved to the Chicagoland area. Our parents would meet at a half-way point that just happened to be a cheese store (because...Wisconsin!). We corresponded with letters and our friendship is that of dreams. We used to go to downtown Chicago quite a bit – the big city! I enjoyed my time there and it always felt like home. I’d see the skyline as we drove in from the suburbs and I’d think, “I’m going to live here someday.” Indeed, I did live there on two separate occasions before I got married. Even when I lived downtown in a quaint 300-square-foot apartment, I loved it. I moved to Dallas and back again to the Chicago suburbs. The charm of Chicagoland and the people I met there will always be in my heart.

To date, I have yet to write a printable poem about my time there, but one day it will happen, and it will be a sweet poetic victory. In the meantime, I can visit the memories I’ve saved and look forward to creating more.

Here’s a haiku to tie us over:

Let’s talk soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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