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Maybe Alone but Never Lonely

I am back home and will blog about California soon! I kept a travelogue, so that will be helpful. I was alone much of the time I was away, so it’s been an interesting burn back into the atmosphere (aka normal life).


I decided to write about my friend Darleen. We worked together at my company – she was in our Bellevue, WA office. I met her in person on my first visit to the office, filled with amazing people just like her. We hit it off, mainly because she’s a nurturing spirit, is a good listener, gives great advice without judgement and has a stellar sense of humor.


I have fond memories of Dave and I going over to her house for dinner where she served, among other delights, homemade crab cakes. Beyond excellent! I always feel loved when I am in her presence.

When Dave died, many people said, "I’m here if you need anything." But some folks did things on their own. Darleen asked for all of Dave’s dress shirts and ties. She collected more in the office from co-workers. In the end, she crafted 3 quilts and a couple of bracelets containing all of the buttons from the shirts. Once done, she flew out and spent time with us. The kids loved her too, especially Austin. She’s a great boy mom and I think he knew it.

The quilts are currently packed away for the kids when they are older. Austin is moving into the basement bedroom and out of his current bedroom (hopefully soon!) so I was thinking about what quilt to use on the bed.


Sometimes people give us gifts that are going to last forever in our hearts and Darleen’s gifts are a great example of that.




I’ve been thinking a lot about being alone and traveling alone – both things I never thought I’d have to worry about. This leads my mind to think about the main reason I am alone and then the subsequent list of reasons. I think about the impact Dave’s

death has had on me and my kids, even other people he knew or didn’t know. Part of the reason I did some heavy thinking on this was due to the fact that I was alone but then met people I hadn’t seen in many years or just met and that requires a catch-up of my life. I read an article in People Magazine about Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman from the 80’s) and how she felt 3 years after her husband died. "My life was an adventure with him," she said. "We were always traveling and doing fun things, and then when you're alone, you have to do everything alone. And that's no fun." I don’t agree with Lynda that it’s “no fun," but it’s definitely different. In the end, I’m trying to make the best of my life – with or without a partner. I can’t control others, only what I do, and frankly, I’ve had some fun times!


More adventures to come!


Let’s chat soon.


With affection,


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