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Spring Equinox - A Chance to Try Something New

It’s a full moon today! The Worm Moon. The Worm Moon gets its name from the earthworms that come out when the soil warms up. According to some, this moon phase will be extremely intense - promising vivid dreams, sudden revelations and even emotional breakthroughs and breakdowns. Okay, let’s stop right there! It just sounds like the last couple of years! I am always aware of when the full moon will be as I find it interesting; much to my son’s chagrin! I’m looking forward to a new season and the flowers of spring. This winter hasn’t been terrible weather-wise (I realize there is still time for snowfalls in the Midwest), but I’m ready to be done with the cold.

This week, I had to get a new keyboard for my home office because the other one all of a sudden stopped working. I bought one that lights up when I touch the keys. I realized I like new keyboards and new tires (just got those a couple of months ago). I’m a new crayon person. I never liked coloring with broken crayons even though they function the same. I think it’s all part of this fresh start and renewal. There is always a new chance to do something, like go on a trip or fix something that was broken. And of course, a good spring cleaning.

Let’s talk soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

p.s. I might howl at the moon tonight. 😉

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