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Simon Says Believe in Yourself

I was talking with a friend recently about the things people say to us and what we remember. I don’t always remember the kind or compliments people give me, but I can list out a lifetime of insults. I realized I needed to start holding and keeping the positive memories and internalize that they are true. To think that they are untrue is disrespectful to the person who had kind words for me. I am always trying to do the soul work, stand in my truth more and believe in myself as much as others do.

One person that has been a supporter to me and helped me believe in myself and my writing is my editor, mentor and friend Simon Van Booy. He’s an accomplished author in his own right and I value his opinions and direction. He told me something that took me a bit to agree with, but it means so much to me that I had it printed on a metal tile and it hangs on the wall in my office so I can look up and remember it.

“I just wanted to reassure you that, in my opinion, you are one of the few people that gets everything right, and whose heart is always in the right place. Unfortunately the world is not like that, but you make it much better with your patience, wisdom, and of course your poetry, which allows people to share their private worlds.”

– Simon Van Booy

We should all be lucky enough to have a friend like Simon.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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