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Putting the Pieces Back Together

Wow! We are already in March (my birthday is 3/28 just in case you were wondering)! I have written and talked about how important it is to “stand in your truth.” This week, it occurred to me that I’m still working on “speaking my truth.” It’s easy for me to talk about my poems and the inspirations behind them. At times, it’s hard for me to say what I think or want. From the outside looking in, you may think that I am an independent woman that has accomplished things, takes care of herself and her family, and in general, gettin’ it done! But there is more to my story.

Hailey Magee and Lane Moore have really helped me see and understand things. I’m healing a lot because of their explanations and examples. I am still a work in progress!

Hailey Magee: @haileypaigemagee

Lane Moore: @hellolanemoore author of How To Be Alone and has presented a TED Talk

I know how important my healing is because it will make me a better person, parent, friend, lover and poet. I share my emotions and stories with you so that we can connect and heal. Recently, I realized that in order to get that closure and healing I was looking for in one of my relationships, I needed to connect with deep respect and love for myself and the other person, if only for a moment.

This poem is from The Liminal Space and it’s about putting things back together once you realize you need to fix things.

Let’s talk soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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