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Planning an Exciting Year Ahead

Time seems to be flying by! I have a few things coming up in 2024 that I thought I would share with you. Soon I will be heading to my first artist residency of 2024 in California. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery to relax and hopefully be inspired. I have another residency slated for late July in France with my daughter Sydney.


I’m also trying to expand my network of writers and publishers this year by attending writing events in Madison and Chicago. I’ve been able to read my poetry to different audiences and it’s been very fulfilling and rewarding.


Just in case you’re wondering, I am busy writing poetry for Book # 3. It’s been harder to finish this book because my creative energy has been a bit splintered. I’m okay with this. I have a busy, full life and things will happen on their own time. Some unpublished poems have been submitted and I hope to have poems appear in different publications.


The Band is still going on and we had another stellar practice! At this point, we will probably meet about once a month. We found a new spot to jam and I’m really looking forward to being with these brilliant music-minded women!

I’m hoping to have some events in April for National Poetry Month so keep your eyes peeled for those! Maybe I will get a chance to see you.


I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading my blog posts. I’m trying to achieve a balance of showing you who I am and how I think so you’ll have a deeper understanding of my poetry, when and if you read it. (Let’s hope you read it often!) 😁


I would love to hear from you if something resonates.


As always, let’s keep in touch.


With affection,


p.s. To all of the children who have shared their poetry with me recently, I consider it an honor to listen to you. Thank you for standing in your truth.

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