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Finding Solace in a Liminal Space

The weather is getting nicer and this past weekend, I was able to open the sunroof and crank my car’s stereo. It felt so good to be cruising down the road in warmer weather! Can you guess what song I was playing? I’ll give you a hint…you can…say anything. I remember cruising around town in high school with my friend Kristin who had a white Trans Am. We had the kind of confidence I wish I had today! When I pick up my kids, I need to make sure I turn the volume down so I don’t embarrass them. (I’m that mom!)

Being in the car gives me an incredible sense of freedom, and at times, it is my solace. Sometimes I’ll just take a drive and enjoy the scenery. I grew up in a family that liked road trips, so I think my love of the open road started early.

In The Liminal Space, I wrote a short poem about sitting in my garage, not wanting to face whatever lied inside. It just so happens that being in the car in the garage before going inside is a liminal space.

Wherever you find solace, I hope you seek it.


Some days

I don’t want

to leave

my car

Let’s talk soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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