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Drawing Inspiration from People, Places & Things

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I am busy working on Book #3 (currently untitled). I thought I would share with you a little bit about the process I go through to produce a fully developed poem and book.

I try to read poetry every day. I have chosen poets that I like and poems that resonate with me more often than not. At times, I read things that are beyond my reach, but that’s important too. It helps to stretch my mind.

I write a bit, but not every day. The most consistent I am is when I write in my journal on vacation. I record the events and observations in the hopes it will inspire me to write a poem. I type on my computer if it’s close by or I might even type something on my phone in the Notes app. Whatever it is that I write down, eventually needs to get into the book document I’ve been working on for consideration.


In addition to these things, I observe. Every time I’m outside, I look around, listen, feel and think about how my life stories compare to nature. What is Mother Nature trying to teach me? I look at my surroundings wherever I am, sometimes more than others depending on my mood and the situation. I also look at people and I see more than they might imagine. I can feel people’s energy and it can be a lot to take in.

Finally, I live my life. I do all of the things I can when my life allows. I have hang-ups, fears and things I need to deal with that sometimes prevent me from dreaming big and doing what I’d like.

Once I write a poem, I edit, edit, edit, edit. And then edit some more. I meet with my editor and we “workshop” the poems until they are in a decent spot and then put them into the “pretty much finished” pile. When I’ve assembled about 50 (that’s my goal) poems, the book will go through some more final edits. During this editing process, a lot of poems don’t make it through to the next stage. While it might be a tale I’d like to tell, it also has to be important enough to be read by others.

Carrie books

Sometimes I think I’m crazy for writing AND sharing. But then I hear from someone that what I shared resonated with them and they felt seen or heard.

And so I continue to write for me and for you, dear reader.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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