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Courage and Vulnerability

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”- Brené Brown

“Courage” is a big word, isn’t it? So is “vulnerability.” Brené Brown is an expert on these topics. When I first started writing poetry, it was just for me to capture my emotional journey. However, when I released my first collection of poems, I realized that it was for others, too. By me being courageous, and in turn, vulnerable, I am letting the world see me. I never thought of it as much of a strength to be sensitive and empathetic, but as I’ve progressed on my journey, I realize that showing the world who I am is okay. I hope that my poems will be of comfort to you.

My new poetry collection, The End of the Beginning, will be available on Amazon November 16th. It happens to be my dad’s birthday! I’m glad that it could be released that day. My mom and dad love books and they passed that gift on to me. Sometimes things come full circle when you least expect it.

Happy birthday, Dad! And for those readers that pick up one of my new books – thank you for walking with me on this journey. It means the world.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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