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An Artist in the Kitchen

I love to cook! I think I’m a decent chef-in-the-making and it’s a terrific artistic outlet for me. I don’t always take the time to make a full-blown delicious meal because...LIFE...but when I do, there’s always a grand satisfaction in it. Over the years, I learned some tips and tricks from family and friends. I also started following some famous chefs like Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa), Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), Sunny Anderson, Bobby Flay and even Julia Child (yes, currently watching the show Julia on HBOMax). I MIGHT have a few cookbooks. I watched a show a few years ago called Chef’s Table on Netflix and it profiled some amazing chefs around the world. I was so inspired that I wrote a couple of poems about them in The Liminal Space.

Sometimes I improvise on the recipes. Today, I put some chicken in the Crockpot and the recipe was for Cuban Chicken, but it’s more like Cuban-esque Chicken with Whatever I Could Find in my Refrigerator.


But, sometimes I’ll follow the recipe exactly as it’s printed like I did for one of my go-to recipes – Ina Garten’s Chocolate Ganache Cake. I recommend having ice cream in the freezer if you make this!

Cooking and baking have taught me patience, reward and that improvising and taking chances can pay off. The most important thing about cooking, besides the nourishment aspect, is that it expresses my love for others.

This is a poem about Massimo Bottura, a famous Italian Chef. One day I hope to go to Italy and maybe even meet this inspiring man. Bon Appétit!


I grow to know Modena

tracing cobblestones with tiptoes,

marveling at Parmigiano Reggiano wheels

stacked five deep in bistros,

content to age and

added to almost every dish.

Then wooden sticks arrive,

rolling fresh pasta ribbons

to be blessed by a slow stewed Bolognese;

five bites the perfect plate.

Finally, I visit vineyards

and no longer wonder the origin of tannins

that make me flush.

I will see grapes in the sun,

where we both belong...

In the light.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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