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Special Friendships are a Blessing

One of the places I hope to visit some day is Australia. I’m thinking of going to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. What do you think? A great plan! One of the main reasons to visit is to see Yvonne - an inspiring friend and someone I used to work with. We worked together when she was on my team. I first met Yvonne when she was in Seattle, WA and then we moved her and her family to New York City. She’s originally from Ireland, has lived many places around the world and now resides in Australia. She’s a passionate, smart, and beautiful human inside and out. I miss her. We spent quality time talking, laughing and even crying. One day she told me, “You remind me of my best friend Olive.” And that was how this poem started. I imagined what Yvonne and her best friend as a child would do together and sweet parts of my childhood.

We all want a friend like Olive, but we are eternally blessed to have a friend like Yvonne.


We'd play all day with sticks, stones

and well-cured mud

until our mums called across the bog.

We walked miles on the sacred land

to see our feet match steps, hands clasped as one.

Hungry from a day at play we filled our bellies

with stew and beloved cheese bread.

Worn out and scented,

we warmed our hands on an open hearth.

Smiles on our shadowed faces

were lit by square flashlights.

We huddled under blankets

thrown over the couches and chairs,

secrets always sound better in a pillow fort.

I hope you will meet Olive someday.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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