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May Musings

Updated: May 7

I have a lot of exciting things coming up in May! The most important event will be my daughter Sydney graduating from college on May 11th. I’ll definitely shed a few happy, proud tears! I really can’t say enough wonderful things about my daughter. She’s a light in this world. More to come on her special day.

I’ve been slacking a bit on my music, but we have a jam coming up next week that I’m excited about. I recently had two poems published in the Spirit Lake Review that I think I might try to turn into a song. Stay tuned!


It’s been rather cold here and the flowers were struggling to make their entrance, but things are happening in the gardens!


Book # 3 of poetry is coming along and I’ve been working hard so I can release it this year. Last week, I moved four poems to the “done for now” pile and that’s what I call progress!


Sometimes I don’t sleep well. My mind is too busy to solve problems that don’t exist. And my dogs decide to wake me very early to catch the sunrise. I took a picture, but as you can imagine, it doesn’t do it justice. As much as I’d like to chide my dogs about getting me up before my alarm, I was given a beautiful gift to start to the day.


A couple of weeks ago, we lost my father-in-law, Bob. He was 86 and had suffered some recent health problems. His death was sudden and without warning, just like his son. As I told my mother-in-law, leaving suddenly is good for the person that departed, but it’s harder on their loved-ones. I had the honor of reading a poem I wrote for Bob at the funeral. I previously read it to Bob the Father’s Day following the death of my late husband. Each of us grieves in our own way and this was my way of showing him empathy for his loss. No doubt there is a rousing game of Euchre being played in heaven.



from The Liminal Space


He looked down at his hands today

and asked himself if he would've changed a thing.

Of course not.

He was meant to be a farmer.

Meant to work fields, collect corn, feed animals,

repair what needs repairing,

take care of his Farmall Super C.

Raise his family the way he was taught,

and trust God to help him through

the times he didn't count on.


Let’s chat soon.


With affection,


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