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It’s All About the Adoration

My head is often filled with many thoughts that I sometime struggle to sort out to write a blog post or poem. I have to quiet myself and my surroundings in order to let the words flow.

My dearest friend Adie is coming to visit today to help celebrate my birthday. I’ve survived another trip around the sun! Thank you to everyone that wished me happy birthday - I feel so loved and appreciated!

Adie and I have been friends since we were 4 years old. On occasion, I’ve lamented about not being in a marriage for decades and how time is fleeting. But I realized this friendship that has weathered love and tragedy for this long, is something to cherish and celebrate. She’s been a companion on this crazy journey and she’s put up with me so I love her dearly!

This past week, I had another chance to see The Indigo Girls and it was a wonderful night! I took my parents, my daughter Sydney with her friend Carsen and my friends John, Don and Shahayra. Amy and Emily had a great set and it was so good to see them and enjoy the concert. (The last time I saw them I was a bit nervous about being on stage so it’s a bit of a blur.) I love the Orpheum Theater in Madison – it’s a fantastic venue that provides an intimate setting for a concert and when at an Indigo Girls concert, the love in the room is palpable.

I must mention that Lyris Hung, the violinist that plays with The Indigo Girls, was on fire that night! I highly recommend going to see The Indigo Girls and Amy’s band.

Despite my existential crisis and feeling my age this week, I’m reminded of something that is so important for me – to be surrounded by people that I adore and that adore me. This is the difference between living life or just phoning it in. I’m one of the luckiest people I know to have found so many people in this lifetime that show up in good times and in bad and are always wishing me the best.

And dear reader, I am always wishing YOU the best.

Speaking of living life, I’d love to see you this Sunday at Ladies’ Rock Camp and on Tuesday, April 4th at Leopold’s where Shahayra Majumder and I will be reading poems and mingling. Join us!

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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