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Good Music and Great Friends

Brrrrrr! It’s been very chilly this week and there is a lot of snow and ice remaining from the recent storms. I hope everyone has been staying warm and safe.


I’ve managed to venture out in-between the snowfalls to do some music-related stuff. I went with Sydney to my dear friend Beth Kille’s book launch with a concert of her band Gin, Chocolate and Bottlerockets at the Harmony Bar in Madison. Beth is the co-director of Girls Rock Camp and Ladies Rock Camp, singer, songwriter, AUTHOR!, and overall wonderful human being. Every time you’re near Beth, you know you’re around the best energy and you’ll be inspired to reach for the stars and do the thing you’ve been putting off. No fear!

At the bar, I was able to re-connect with friends and meet some new ones. I loved hearing Beth’s stories and perspective on her book. Even though I’ve read it, it’s always good to see people talk about their art – it makes me appreciate it even more. (Which is what I hope happens when people see me talk about my poetry.) The concert following the book talk was a lot of fun and even had people dancing! I hope to see them play again.

I have been talking about being a part of a band and we had our first practice! We met at Jenny’s house and brought music, instruments and good vibes! We ran through three songs a few times and tried to figure out where we could add our talents to the songs. It’s a dance of sorts and I think we did well, especially for our first time. We have another practice setup for early next month. I’m not sure what I want to do in this arena, but I know I want to play music and have some fun. As far as “taking that show on the road," that’s something to think about later on. I liken this experience to the beginning of any relationship. It’s a chance to learn a lot about others and it's also good time to take a look at myself. What do I want to get out of this? What can I bring to the table? Stay tuned for more musical updates!

This time of year is always tricky to navigate with the prohibitive weather and the fact that it’s a time of hibernation and going inward. I’m definitely trying to sleep in a bit on weekends and take it easy. I love to cook and dare I say I’m a decent chef, but sometimes it’s hard to just cook for myself (my son doesn’t eat the same foods I do most of the time). However, I did find a new muse on Instagram @lilyloutay – a southern cook who makes me smile. Check her out. I made Dutch oven bread and blueberry muffins based on her recipes.  I also made my version of chicken noodle soup which was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! 

Take care of you.


Let’s chat soon.


With affection,

Carrie VS

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