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Full Moon Rising

I finished grouting my bathroom floor

the night of the waxing Hunter’s Moon.

As I sealed my amateur work

I remembered Grandpa Chuck,

a tile layer by trade.

- THE UNION WAY from The End of the Beginning, my new book coming out November 2021.

This is the first stanza of a poem about my Grandpa Chuck in my new book, The End of the Beginning, that will be here before you know it! Some of my fondest memories are those spent with my Grandma Mabel and Grandpa Chuck. I would go there for a few days when I was young and they would spoil me. They let me be myself and loved me for exactly who I was. Of course, there were a couple of rules, but overall, I knew that singing, running through the yard, picking up chestnuts from their big tree and peeling them, having tea with dolls in the sunroom, and rocking with my grandma in her chair was all okay. I think about them quite a bit even though they’ve been gone for decades. When I’m feeling low, I can tap into these memories and remember the acceptance and validation they provided. One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” To me, it matters a great deal.

I’d love it if you’d share a favorite quote in the comments section that resonates with you!

Let’s talk soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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