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From Book Club to Lifelong Friends

I am a member of the Peaceful, Wise and Witty book club. I’ve been a part of it since around 2000 when I moved to the area. Over the years, membership has changed, but it’s always around 8 people. Yes, we talk about books, but we also talk about our lives, and a sisterhood has been formed. These women have been incredibly supportive of me and my family, but also my writing journey. I know that our bond will last forever.

Lisa See is an author that I was fortunate to see at a book talk many moons ago when her blockbuster hit Snow Flower and the Secret Fan came out. Lisa has always been a very approachable, kind person in addition to being an amazing author. She has written many books since then and recently we read The Island of Sea Women. I decided to contact Lisa on her website to see if she could attend our book club via zoom and she graciously said yes. We gathered in my living room and had a wonderful conversation with her about her process as an author, the book, and attending the opera based on her autobiographical book On Golden Mountain.

Lisa writes about strong women who have friendships that go through many trials and tribulations. Her stories embolden us to hold hands during the dark times. In my life, I have had many friends (both men and women) and I’m beyond grateful for them; each of them is a gift.

I enjoy listening to authors and having them sign my books. It is a very sweet dream that I didn’t know I could dream to be able to talk to people about my books and sign their copies. I hope to see you soon at one of my events – I cherish my dear readers.

Check out Lisa See and give her books a read (or listen) at

Let’s talk soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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