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Finding Peace Through Entanglement

I was untangling necklaces from my jewelry box last night. I just marvel at how they can get tangled lying flat in a box! I decided that this exercise of detangling was rather metaphorical. One can go many directions with it, but to me, it shows that things can get messy even without trying. And with time and patience, the knots can be unraveled, and peace achieved. In the end, I’m able to wear something beautiful that makes me smile.

We have so many roadblocks that come our way on a daily basis. Sometimes it seems we’ll never get things cleared up or if we do, there’s another thing we have to deal with. I observe so much at all times and think a lot about all that I see. It’s a lot to take in and make sense of some days.

I’ve written a couple of poems about cobbling myself or my life back together. This poem from The Liminal Space is about a real place where acres of old tractors and parts lie waiting to be joined together again.


I took winding roads past an old sanitarium

straight out of Jane Eyre.

Then a tractor parts graveyard

took up a quarter mile on both sides of the road.

All gleam was gone from the metal,

and the scent of waxy oil and diesel

oddly calming.

This hallowed ground was maintained

by a scant wrinkled rancher

who wore overalls without a shirt,

mowed the lawn between stacks.

He was every old farmer—

and now he had every old farmers’ tractor.

Instead of performing last rights

after the final sputter,

he tried piecing them together.

They would have another life

with each other.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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