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A Tasty Weekend with Family

Last weekend, I went to visit my parents in Cedarburg with my son and two dogs in tow. It’s about an hour east of my house. My dad had rotator cuff surgery recently and it’s a long road to recovery. While my dad is spry, right now he can’t do all of the things he would like to. While they are good about spending quality time together, it’s nice to have visitors that can help with this or that and make food. Wait, this is great anytime! 😊 We had a nice visit and helped out where we could. We also watched “Polka, Polka, Polka” on a local cable channel, which is quality entertainment on many levels. Kudos to Colleen who puts the show together! It reminds us of a simpler time when my Grandma Mabel insisted on watching shows featuring polka dancing, bands with accordions, and bubbles.

I had it in my head that I’d say something deep and moving at dinner, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I thought I’d write about. When our world flipped upside down in 2012, my little family was in disarray. We weren’t sure what we knew about anything or where to go. I’ve talked about people helping out, but as time goes on, people fade into the distance. It’s normal and I get it. Two people who have never wavered or said no to our requests/needs are my parents – Alice and Jerry Voigt. They are as steadfast as two people can be. We wouldn’t be here or certainly wouldn’t be as successful at anything if it hadn’t been for them all of these years. They say when you’re parents the job is never over, but I thought it would get easier as grandparents. I’m sure it’s been challenging for them, but they’ve never complained and have shown us unparalleled love. If you’re in Cedarburg, stop by the enchanting Rivoli Theatre that they manage with volunteers and say hello.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. We love you.

I love to cook, even though I don’t do it as much as I should. This weekend, I made pancakes for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch. See below the recipes. One day, I’d love to create a cookbook!

Buttermilk Pancakes

1 c all-purpose flour

3 T sugar

1 T baking powder

1 ½ t baking soda

¼ t salt

2 eggs

1 ¼ c buttermilk

1 t vanilla

2 ½ T melted butter (let cool before adding)

1. Combine dry ingredients.

2. Mix eggs and buttermilk. Pour into dry ingredients and mix until most of the lumps are gone.

3. Add melted butter to batter.

4. Cook on 350℉ non-stick griddle.

5. Note: they are “looser” than other pancakes so take care and be a courageous flipper. 😉

Chicken Salad (there are a million recipes, but this my personal version)

2.5 - 3 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts

2 T olive oil

Salt & pepper

1 T Herbs de Provence (here’s an option)

1-1/2 c celery, finely chopped

3/4 c seedless grapes, halved

1-1/2 c mayo

2 T lemon juice

2 T fresh dill, finely chopped

½ t ground nutmeg

½ t coriander (alternatively I couldn’t find coriander in my crazy spice cabinet, but used a spice by Curio called Kandy Spice because it had coriander in it – yum!)

½ t Old Bay (this is one of my secret ingredients in just about every savory dish I make)

½ t Penzey’s Seasoned Salt (another go-to seasoning)

1. Add olive oil to a skillet on medium heat.

2. Sprinkle salt, pepper and Herbs de Provence on one side of the chicken breasts, place in pan. Cook until no longer pink. If it’s a thicker chicken breast, put in oven in oven-proof pan on 350℉ for a few minutes.

3. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine mayo, lemon juice and other spices.

4. Once cooked, cube chicken and add to mixture.

5. Add grapes and celery, combine well. Adjust seasoning as needed.

6. Note: you may need to add more mayo at some point to suit your taste.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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