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A Space to Call My Own

I have many spaces that I call my own. Sometimes, I ignore certain spaces because I don’t use them anymore or conversely, I overuse spaces. For instance, I don’t use my basement much except when guests come by or I need to find something in storage. Previously, it had been a place to hold family game nights and watch a movie. But those days have passed. My late husband had a barn built to hold farm equipment, tools and horses. Now it has tools in boxes and much of it has been cleaned out and the horses have been re-homed. Recently, now that the weather has cleared up, I am trying to re-imagine my front porch that is silent except for the birds at the feeders. I bought some new plants and lights to hang. This week, I went out at sunset to play guitar and sing. I’m pretty sure the birds and the neighbors loved it!

I have found many times that I’m adjusting to spaces and relationships that have changed. I must re-imagine what I would like in a space, in a friend. It brings me peace. The hardest part has been to give up on someone else’s dreams and space that they once occupied.

To those that must re-imagine a space in your life, I wish you new and peaceful beginnings.

Let’s chat soon.

With affection,

Carrie VS

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